A great product isn't just a collection of features, it's how it all works together!

CRM can be a significant decision to any organization. Every brand would portray their best and are very tempting. Every feature would be compelling and confusing. It’s tough!

We understand that your choice could directly impact your business. Before implementing a CRM solution, should you wish to seek the last bit of clarifications from us, here are the list of ProSight features.

The power of ProSight CRM is unleashed, with 84 features of 15 modules below. You will see the correlation between features, unfolding, as you go.

The control panel is your home page when you login to ProSight. It consists of re-arrangeable dashlets that display the current status of contacts, leads, meetings, campaigns, tasks, sales, opportunities, etc. These can be customised as you need.

Reports, as the name suggests, to allow users to add to or view in reports in ProSight. It also displays various key information.

This module directly addresses the laborious and error-prone tasks by setting an auto-process using 4 features – (1) control panel (2) dashlets (3) reports and (4) reports generator.

Your employees time can be more productively utilised.

We understand the importance of working on marketing ideas and strategies that produce qualified business leads.

You will be able to list out and evaluate all communication media, create workflows and capture information that can be verified and passed on to the sales team effortlessly. Hence in this communication module, you can automate all kinds of marketing tasks effortlessly besides generating leads, capturing and assorting them as per the campaign.

This module addresses all pre-sales requirements using 7 main features – (5) workflows (6) web form wizard (7) leads and (8) opportunities (9) contacts (10) targets and (11) spots.

Depending on your marketing strategy, ProSight will ease your efforts. You can directly execute a variety of campaigns and capture responses as well. You may later generate a report on the effectiveness of the campaign to see if changes need to be made.

This module addresses and compliments your campaign using 10 features – (12) campaigns (13) campaign templates (14) campaign budgets (15) target lists (16) campaign tracker (17) newsletters (18) email campaigns (19) survey (20) non-email campaigns (telesales, radio, TV, etc) and (21) bulletin.

Any form of email such as sales and support or even individual IDs can be comprehensively connected to ProSight CRM. You can integrate your Outlook and Thunderbird applications too if you want.

Why is email system a separate module? This is because it works in correlation with many features outside this module as well such as accounts, contacts, targets, target lists, campaigns and 10 others.

This module has 6 powerful features – (22) email accounts set up (23) email templates (24) Outlook integration (25) Thunderbird integration (26) documents and (27) knowledge base.

A calendar may sound like a simple item, but it gives you the power of getting your entire CRM data organised and efficient. Calendar works in sync with rest of the modules.

This module has 9 of its own features – (28) calendar (29) meetings (30) calls (31) schedule (32) reschedule, (33) tasks, (34) events, (35) cases and (36) scheduled tasks

The heart beat of any CRM is the Customer management module. This module is loaded with essential tools such as leads, customers, contacts & coordinates. We also included housing customer details that record pre-sales, sales and post sales information. This help you understand your customer behaviour, recognise pattern and offer cross-sales, support and timely solution.

This module has 3 features – (37) notes, (38) portal and (39) cases.

The job of managing sales involves massive amount of paper works and requires responding to the customer at the right time, with the correct product information. These are some of the most time consuming yet error prone tasks, that will directly impact your company & sales forecasts. ProSight eliminates this uncertainty entirely by standardisation and automation all the way down to consistent branding in all forms of company documentation via templates.

This module consists of 9 features – (40) sales, (41) products, (42) product categories, (43) maps, (44) custom reports, (45) quotes, (46) contracts, (47) invoices (48) PDF templates.

Every customer is identified by the product and connected to the project in a CRM. Project plans, project implementations, ongoing Annual Maintenance Contracts if any and even project handovers are made easier with the projects module. In order to meet deadlines connected to each phase of project management, this module is also connected to calendar and even staff management is included to achieve specific goals and meet specific success criteria at the specified time.

You get an overview of all accounts, contacts, open/closed opportunities and more, allowing the user to arrange their organisations projects by tracking a number of tasks and allocating appropriate resources to drive value and detect new sales.

This module comes with 3 features – (49) projects, (50) accounts and (51) bugs.

A CRM has contributors to data such as CXOs, directors, managers, executives, supervisors, team leaders, data entry operators, customer support team members, etc. This module allows you to personalise and assign various tasks and functions according to your company.

A set of roles with permissions can be packaged and assigned for every type of employee or user. This sets up the hierarchy of access to information in inwards manner.

For example, a manager can view or alter the data who works below him while he cannot view the data of directors or CXOs, unless a authorised to.

This module consists of 4 features – (52) employees, (53) employees roles, (54) employees login and (55) desktop notifications.

This module deals with access controls and various other security cum permissions to access or even process data by the users according to their roles. You can customise ProSight with ease to fit the security needs of your business data into public, private or user position or group specific.

You can also create custom user groups to control what your users can access with extremely powerful Group Management. In short, your business data is completely under your control with 30+ security rules.

This module has 4 features – (56) access control, (57) passwords, (58) user security and (59) legal and compliance audit.

ProSight has an in-built indexing program for producing real time search results for any query. Any CRM is prone to very large data sets. Keeping this in mind, ProSight allows you to perform advanced search on data from all modules.

Optionally, a full text global search feature enables enhanced functionality, allowing you to search even for specific piece of text within documents and other files. Various search filters can be applied to narrow down the search. Technically this is conducted as a separate process in order to provide a fast and lag free search experience.

This module consists of 4 features – (60) keywords, (61) phrases, (62) advanced search and (63) indexing engine

Today, every business is dependant on everyday utility tools offered by Google. A fact that cannot be ignored is that the Google Suite of apps play a vital role for businesses of any size. We have not left a single stone unturned. Name it, we got it all for you.

Seamless integration with Google apps allow for unmatched convenience and provides for a more consistent and holistic ProSight implementation.

This module has 6 features integrating to the following google apps – (64) Google maps, (65) Google apps, (66) Gmail, (67) Address cache, (68) areas and (69) markers.

Usage of smartphones and handheld devices for everyday office productivity purpose are very common in today’s high-tech era.

ProSight is mobile and other hand held devices ready. ProSight’s cloud based software is highly responsive that it can be used on any device. Optionally, ProSight is available as an app for various platforms, for unmatched convenience and ease of use.

This module has 4 features – (70) responsive, (71) iPhone app, (72) android app and (73) windows app.

Be it a business or personal networking, communication and campaigning through social media is the order of the day today. ProSight has been built to support the most commonly used social media platforms. Update your leads easily by directly connecting to your social handles using this module.

This module has 5 features – (74) Facebook, (75) Twitter, (76) Google Plus, (77) Linked In and (78) WhatsApp.

ProSight offers translation in various world languages through a in-built language pack. Similarly, the in-built currency pack can be connected to a live convertor through an API.

This module has 6 features – (79) US Dollars, (80) British Pounds, (81) Euros, (82) Japanese Yen, (83) Indian rupees and (84) currency controller.

It’s no more a puzzle. We made it simple for you. Check the comparison with other brands for yourself.

Infographic: ProSight Customers Overview

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