About Us

Pleasure in the job, puts perfection in the work!

ProSight is a CRM product by Datakue. We are head quartered in Bangalore, KA, India. We are a start-up delivering IT, BPO & Advertising services since 2014.

Originally, ProSight has been developed in 2007, by a boutique firm, with the support of the “Department of MSME” and “Karnataka Centre for Technological Upgradation”. We acquired the product in 2014 and completely transformed to provide better usability, improved security and a host of modern features that are on par with the current technological trends and communication tools such as cloud computing, social media handles, mobile apps, etc.. The workflow and user experience has been improved to match international standards.

The CRM product has been rebranded as “ProSight” and launched in 2016, with all the enhanced features to suit any SME’s business needs. ProSight became a treat for the SMEs that help them scale up and manage sales within a short period of time.

ProSight  has been very successful since then and been acknowledged as ‘THE INDIA READY’ CRM solution.


Our mission is to make SME’s more efficient one customer at a time!


To help SMEs increase sales, build brand value and unlock their full potential through ProSight.

"Bill" Our Mascot:

Our mascot “Bill” is a typical SMB owner whose business demands to work all day, all night and everyday of the week.

Bill decided to spend his precious time doing high value activities by automating mundane tasks through an ideal CRM, ProSight that is productive, efficient, latest in technology with the good RoI.

Now “Bill” can holiday at his will.

“Bill” has been designed by an international vector artist Kraphix KJ.

Those who can imagine anything, can create the impossible.


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